The Site is Up!

After many months of contemplating concepts and ideas about how I envision this company to be, it has begun to evolve into something we all need for a healthy, sustainable future. Because Let’s FACE IT, our planet has been here a lot longer than we have and the truth is, it's not the planet we are destroying, it's ourselves! (The planet can recycle all of us if it wanted to.) So if we want clean water, and fresh air for the generations to come, you and I better start doing something intelligent! Bamboo is very intelligent and we will be too when we start utilizing it at its full potential. Together with organizations around the world we are setting out to create The Bamboo Emporium. A place were artisans, and layman alike, can have a place to share their products with the world, at the same time, have a source of income.

Today marks the first day we are "unofficially" open for business!

Christopher Vetrano