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World's First Bamboo Dog Sulky


Bamboo Dog Sulky

Shown at the Vietnam Bike Expo 2016 

The 2nd Bamboo Dog Sulky made its way to the Vietnam Bike Expo in HCMC. In a joint venture with Viet Bamboo Bikes and Chaloe Sulky we have succeeded in creating a worlds first! We will be taking pre-orders now. If you are interested please click one of the options below.

Test Driving the Bamboo Sulky

This is the first test drive of the 2nd prototype by Daphne Lewis. 


A Closer Look 

This is the first prototype. The clear wrap around the frame is to keep it clean while it was drying. Some of these pics are before the brakes were installed and the new boom attached.


Here are some pics of the unwrapping and testing of the completed Sulky. The Dog harnesses and rigging were assembled in the US by Chalo Sulky. They will be the exclusive distributor in the US.


Test Driving the Sulky

The first test run of the world’s first Bamboo Sulky with the Dogs!