Dragonfly Bamboo is a New York State Benefit Corporation which was created to bring you the coolest, most sustainable Bamboo products you have ever seen! Many of the Bamboo products you see for sale are old designs or overpriced, leaving a big gap in the market. Dragonfly Bamboo is filling that gap and we are dedicated to bringing you Bamboo Furniture and Bamboo Products, at a reasonable price, with minimal manufacturing and 2017 designs. We can do this because we work directly with factories in Vietnam and the Philippines. We have also partnered with many companies whose goals are the same.



The Bamboo Emporium is set up to be a marketplace for NGO's, Community Organizations or (CDP's), Ambitious Startups, Government Projects, Small Family Owned Businesses, Individual Artists, who work with bamboo. We will be showcasing bamboo products from around the world. We have one goal in mind and that is to promote bamboo, beyond that we believe everything else will fall into place. If your involved in any type of projects using bamboo and have a salable product, you should consider what we can offer.

As this website evolves, it will provide a sustainable platform for selling Bamboo products. This network of Bamboo companies will become The Bamboo Emporium. The power of all of our marketing efforts combined with the plethora of cool Bamboo products, will all be fused together as one. Since a lot of the products we are introducing are new to many people, we are creating a place where people can educate themselves and also learn about Bamboo. These partnerships are forming a collective of professionals who work with Bamboo and will help buyers overcome any misconceptions, while also giving them a source they can trust. Everything we need is already here. We just need you to join us. We all have something to gain in this model, all the way through the chain.


For more information or if you have any questions, please email me directlychris(AT)dragonflybamboo.com and I will be more than happy to discuss everything with you. For more information please see the links at the bottom of each page in the"Information Center".