Bamboo Garden Accessories

Bamboo Landscape Edging

Bamboo Garden Edging is a beautiful addition to any garden and also the most sustainable. Keep it simple and choose Bamboo over plastic edging. Choose from many different styles and create a natural looking landscape.

Bamboo Garden Water Fountains & Features

Hear the sound of trickling water in your garden with these beautiful water feature. Simple yet elegant and the best part is they are sustainable. We have several styles to choose from, you can even purchase a kit and make your own water feature!

Bamboo Garden Stakes

Everyone use garden stakes for their gardens. Why not use Natural Bamboo! It's never too late to be sustainable and now is the best time to start using Bamboo throughout your garden! Mother Nature will thank you ☺

Bamboo Outdoor Dividers

A great accent to any garden with these Bamboo dividers. Want that Zen look? We have several styles and sizes. Bamboo products always have that natural look and with these you are sure to impress the nieghbors! 

Assorted Outdoor Bamboo Products

Here is an assorted mix of Bamboo products including Bamboo seeds, Bamboo plant stands and always a favorite, Bamboo wind chimes!