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Basalt Bamboo Composite

Basalt Bamboo composite has the flexibility of bamboo, the added strength and amazing properties of basalt. Basalt is 2.5 times stronger than steel and 1/3 the weight. Using a multi-directional fiber weave we make these fibers even more effective. By manufacturing these using a mold, we can create a product as flexible and as Strong as a Bamboo Rig Mat. They will also be stronger and lighter than wood or steel rig mats. Basalt is non corrosive, non conductive, water resistant by nature. By using a high strength epoxy, as a bonding agent, we protect the bamboo fiber from being exposed to the elements. Water absorption is eliminated. The epoxy we will be using has a UV protection as well, which will prevent the epoxy form being damaged by UV rays. Heat from the Sun will be absorbed by the basalt giving the rig mats a low temperature and will not affect the strength.