Thanks for dropping in and for showing interest in this novel idea of mixing cutting-edge technology with the simple beauty of mother nature.

SpeakaBoo amplifies and improves the audio quality coming out of an iPhone speaker in an eco-friendly way, using only bamboo, which has the natural ability to resonate sound within its walls.

Each SpeakaBoo is handcrafted from carefully selected stems of bamboo. These vary in length and diameter, and for each SpeakaBoo, a particular dimension is chosen to give it its own sound and character.

SpeakaBoos are designed to allow your iPhone to be charged as well as to access the home button while docked to the unit.

They are packed in a neat little bag made out of recycled newspaper, produced by a charity employing disadvantaged workers.


Why a SpeakaBoo?


* Eco-friendly from 100% sustainable bamboo

* Stylish docking station and sound amplifier

* Great for hands-free calls and skype

* Gives your phone a natural companion

* Ideal eco-friendly gift




This universal style is adjustable for most phones and cases out in the market - it even fits the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As well as phones, it is also suitable for iPod touch and other mp3 players with a loudspeaker.

It fits phones and cases as wide as 80mm and as thick as 18mm. It can be adjusted between 3 settings to accommodate for the difference in thickness between various phones and cases. The adjustable system has also been designed entirely from bamboo.

As most smartphones have their loudspeaker a little further up the device, the phone sinks in the bamboo to make sure the sounds can resonate inside.

It also comes in all 3 finish styles: Natural, Flame treated and Naturally speckled.

SpeakaBoo on ITV's 'The Alan Titchmarsh Show' shown by celebrity chef Ed Baines

Recycled newspaper bags

Each SpeakaBoo comes in a bag made from recycled newspaper by a fantastic charity called ‘Sebastian Indian Social Projects’ which, amongst many things, gives fair employment to low-income adults and free education to needy children. I came across them on my last trip to India while researching bamboo techniques. I decided that it would be a step in the right direction to involve this charity in my project, so I brought back a large box full of newspaper bags. For more information on the great work that they do, please check out their website on:

In the making of bamboo speaker, Arya only applies one drop of non-toxic, solvent free PVA glue to keep the little ears on top in place. Depending on the style finish, he either leaves the natural skin alone, or adds a layer of water based eco-friendly varnish. Here is another great plus, the bamboo speaker is made from a whole bamboo pole. Unlike some of other bamboo products that are pieced together with glue – which can contain formaldehyde, depending on the supplier.

                       Based in England

                       Based in England