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Design Services

Start to Finish - Design to Production

What We Provide

·         Design & Production of New or Pre-Designed Products            

·         Researching  & Conceptualizing

·         Designing and Developing Prototypes and Samples

·         Quality Control 

·         Drawings and Specifications for Production

·         Turnkey Manufacturing

Our Processes

·         Cost-effective and Innovative Operational Processes

·         Integrating New Materials Improving Product Performance

·         Designing, Constructing, and Testing Product Prototypes

·         High Output Production Capacities

·         Dedicated to Improving Product Quality

·         Eco - Friendly Manufacturing Processes and Materials

*Please note that our pricing packages are provided as a rough estimate. Each product will be subject to an exact quote and priced according to how technical the product is.

Dragonfly Premium
from 3,000.00

Our Premium Design Package Includes 3 Prototypes & Samples. Satisfaction Guaranteed, We Work Until Your'e Satisfied with the Design and Product. Quality Control During Production.

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Dragonfly Plus
from 2,000.00

*Prototypes Extra per Sample

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Dragonfly Simple
from 1,000.00

*Design Only

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