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Specs of Various Types of Rig Mats VS.  Basalt Bamboo Rig Mats

Specs of Bamboo Rig Mats

Breakdown & Disadvantages

Bamboo Rig Mats

Disadvantages are weight, at 1800lbs its still a significant amount of weight. Bolts are another weight factor that we feel we can eliminate with Basalt Bamboo by making one continuous Sheet. This is made possible by the multi-directional weaving of the fibers throughout the mats. Strength will be increased by this and create a lighter, stronger, less expensive product.

Composite Rig Mat Specs

Breakdown & Disadvantages

Manufacturing process is long, and these mats are not environmentally friendly being made of polyethylene. While they are lighter than Bamboo and wood mats they are still not as light, as we feel we can make the basalt bamboo rig mats. These mats have a treaded surface which can easily be made on the Basalt Bamboo Mats for added traction. They have a locking system which is something that can be incorporated, in the Basalt Bamboo Mats, if desired. 600psi weight load can easily be achieved with Basalt Bamboo as well.

Wood Rig Mats

Breakdown & Disadvantages

Wood Rig Mats are extremely Heavy and the Environmental impact is unnecessary. This product is not as strong as Basalt Bamboo, nor is it as light. The use of steel frames and steel bolts also contributes to the disadvantages. They need to be made thicker than other varieties, in order to compete with the strength and consume and destroy our forests. Bamboo and Basalt are renewable resources and both have an extremely low impact on the environment.