This is before and during the creation of the landscape. The 3 trees were planted with soil  mounded around the them. This is very common here although not the correct way to plant around most trees, so the rule of thumb is not to mound soil up against the trunks of trees. You can see that of the 3 trees, 2 which are Acacia trees and the other I am honestly not sure what it was, only the unidentified tree adapted and started growing roots. Again, some trees can and some trees can not grow root this way. So we trimmed off the roots of the one that was rooted and leveled out the soil. Then we made mounds or small rolling hills would be a nicer term. From there I just went with the flow and started creating nicer shaped beds around the trees and began planting. Eventually I laid the brick paths in and around the beds creating a nice walkway and two seating areas. I did all the walkways and had the kids work the border brick edging. They got upset with me because I had them keep redoing anything that wasn't perfect. The 3 kids working with me really had no experience at all doing landscapes. I hope that they took away some knowledge from the experience. All in all the job was fun. It took 1 month to complete.

Landscape in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines for a nursery who used the garden for weddings and photo shoots.

Doing landscapes in the Philippines was challenging. The job above was for a nursery and I had access to many plants. The garden was for wedding events and photo shoots. I designed this job on a napkin. Once the layout was done and the beds were ready, I just started working the magic. That was a fun job but not everyone ownes a plant nursery. Finding good plant material, lack of plant material and proper tools were hard to come by but regardless the jobs came out nice. Luckily I was able to find some Mycorrhiza for the palms trees you see below. They look worse than they are, as far as the root balls. I will tell you this, no trees were killed during this job. ;-)  I made sure there was water twice a day for about 6 to 7 weeks. Rainy season did the rest. Good Times! Oh yea and we stole those trees from the guys mothers house lol.....Only in the Philippines!