1. Do you buy our products, stock them and then sell them to customers or do you sell directly to the customer and we ship the product from our location?

We sell your product from our website and you are responsible for shipping the items from your location. The reason for this is we do not want unnecessary shipping & storage of products. The more a product is shipped, the less sustainable it becomes. The amount of energy used to get a product to the market and then to the consumer, is all a factor in sustainability. This model eliminates the need for extra shipping.

2. Where does the money go, that The Bamboo Emporium makes on the sale of their partner’s products?

¾ of the proceeds from our partner’s products goes back into the company. This provides a sustainable platform for our partners to sell their products.  The other ¼ of the profits will go into a fund for smaller projects we will be working on.