I have been a crafter in some realm since I was a small child. My father has always inspired me. He was an extremely talented artist. I often tried to duplicate his work with charcoal. His beautiful work was the foundation on which I based desire to create beauty.
My family and friends are so supportive of my creative flow. My son gifted me charcoals, colored pencils and books for my birthday. I was so excited and even more encouraged! Later, I told my son about this amazing technique I had seen on TV. . For Christmas that year I received the Home Study Course from my son and his wife. For the next 4 years I went every Wednesday night for a light dinner and painted with my best friend. Because of our dedication and a blessing of a teacher Ms. Donna Dewberry we both became OSCI certified. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to the world of gourds and have been “in love” ever since. Imagination is endless when working with the gourds. Most of the time they tell me what they will become. I have ventured off into many other mediums and enjoy them all. Always looking for a new technique or project. I welcome and encourage custom orders. You imagine it and I will bring it to life. I truly feel that Art is what is keeping me young and full of excited energy!"