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We have partners from all over the world, who have joined The Bamboo Emporium, to make it easy for customers to find their products and to get the exposure necessary to be successful. As our numbers grow, we will have hundreds of thousands of Bamboo products to choose from. Making shopping for Bamboo Super Easy!


Help us keep The Bamboo Emporium moving forward by Joining Today!

The Simple Process

Step 1 - We add your products to our website.

Step 2 - You tell us the Wholesale price and SRP of each product. We promote your products around the world.

Step 3 - We sell your products on our website. (We do not purchase your product until we sell it.) This process is more sustainable and you keep existing lines of logistics open, so there is nothing you need to do differently. Products are drop shipped from your facility or distributor.

Step 4 - Once we sell an item, we send you a purchase order with the customer’s information. You then send out the product and we follow up with you and the customer to make sure everyone is happy.

Step 5 - Once a month, we send payment for that month’s orders. Plus, the shipping cost.

We do not stock products. We are a sustainable platform for bamboo products from around the world. We act as a place that people can shop for anything bamboo and related, all on one site.

This project is run by Dragonfly Bamboo, which is a NY state Benefit Corporation. The Bamboo Emporium is made up of many companies that make Bamboo products and they have come together here to sell them.