Design Services Overview

*Please note that our pricing packages are provided as a rough estimate. Each product will be subject to an exact quote and priced according to how technical the product is.


Dragonfly Bamboo also offers a unique service for businesses to re-create their products using Bamboo. We have been successful in recreating Vermont Cedar Chair Company’s "Vermont Rocker. We also recreated their "Vermont Adirondack Chair" using Bamboo and made it foldable......and their "Vermont Ottoman" in Bamboo. 


Dog Sulky

We worked together with Viet-Bamboo Bikes to Create the World’s First Bamboo Dog Sulky! The Product was ready for sale within 1.5 years. Keep in mind this was the 1st ever made so it took a few prototypes to get everything perfect. The time factor will depend on the type of product, most products would take a lot less time. This item is for sale on our site here.