Food Toxin Survey


Taking carbonized bamboo daily can play a significant part in both achieving and maintaining optimal health. Benefits may include:

• Greater emotional/mental/physical well-being and happiness

• Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

• Better elimination and bowel health (may discolor feces)

• Improvement in fertility (men and women)

• Relief from chronic health problems

• Heightened immune system

• Hormonal balance

• Increase energy

• Increase circulation

• Lower risk of cancer

• Increased sex drive

• Improved concentration

• Reduced Stress

• Improved sleep quality

• Clearer skin



Carbonized Bamboo in its Pure form may have an infinite of number applications, here are a few in addition to what you may or may not have heard.


•Mix in hand with shampoo and shampoo hair for clean and shiny hair

•Dab toothbrush with toothpaste in Pure Black powder to disinfect mouth.

•Gargle with Pure Black for fresh mouth or sore throat.

•Add to bath with bath salts

•Add with baking soda for a refrigerator for use as odor absorber

•Odor absorber leave in bowel in any room needed

•Put in small bowel by computer to negate EMF radiation.

•Feed plants, add to water.

•Add to garden vegetables, adds minerals great for soil keeps bugs away.

•Add to water for flowers for longer lasting flowers.

•Bake bread adding Pure Black to dough.

•Bake cookies adding Pure Black to dough.

•Add to oatmeal, hot cereals, pancakes, eggs.

•Add to smoothies, tea, coffee, juices, water, yogurt, applesauce…

•…, add to pretty much any food or beverage.



•Sprinkle Pure Black in your pets food for micro flora imbalances and to detox metals, chemicals and radiation. A great mineral supplement as well.

Product Sustainability

Black to Life is founded on the principles of health and wellness. We have taken extreme measures to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and sustainably produced.

Carbonization: A specialized heat treatment process, which de-synthesizes organic material into carbon and other minerals. The carbonization process differs from that of charcoal activation, or charcoal briquette creation.

Carbonized Bamboo is the cornerstone of Black To Life LLC. The decision to use bamboo was made because the naturally porous molecular structure of bamboo allows for better adsorption. Amazingly, in clinical tests carbonized bamboo can be up to 10X more adsorbent than other biomass such as carbonized hemp or carbonized coconut husks. Carbonized bamboo is also is rich in trace minerals, such as silica, which is beneficial for one’s bones, teeth, nails, hair.

-Bamboo is a wild grass that grows on otherwise “unproductive” land, and is naturally a great resource. Some bamboo species have been recorded to shoot up stocks at speeds of over and inch every hour! This fast growing time allows for the bamboo to be harvested more frequently. In addition the harvesting of bamboo does not cause soil erosion, because the root systems are left intact, and new shoots sprout from the same system.


-A forest of bamboo sequesters 70% more carbon and produces 35% more oxygen than a grove of trees the same size. Generally speaking, bamboo doesn’t need irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Cotton, on the other hand, is grown using approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides and 12% of the world’s pesticides yet only grows on 3% of the world’s farmland.