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The Fixie is a very light weight, elegant and speedy bike. The bamboo frame provides comfort, yet it is virtually unbreakable. Like all of our bikes, we offer a 3-year warranty on all bamboo parts. All parts are in aluminum. 


  • Front tube: 515 - 575mm
  • Seat tube: 490 - 580mm
  • Minimum saddle height: 530 - 670mm
  • Wheels: 680mm
  • Brakes: rear pedal brake, caliper brakes in front, or both caliper brakes
  • Bamboo frame: Tam Vong natural or natural burnt.
  • Epoxy: transparent or colored
  • Weight: 8-11kg (depending on size & options)
  • Available with up to 8 gears


This elegant bike is all handmade using Tam Vong bamboo, which grows in abundance on the hills of Bình Thuận province, Vietnam.  Tam Vong bamboo is light weight but has the same tensile strength as steel. The bike components are of a high quality, imported from Taiwan. The components and bamboo frames are connected with hemp and epoxy, a technique developed and tested rigorously through our extensive quality control processes.

We have 2 workshops in the province, creating jobs for 20 craftsmen and women. It takes over 50 hours of expertise to craft these unique bikes: by riding this bike you contribute to a better life for dozens of people.

This Fixie bike is perfect for urban, every day and spory cycling. It comes in different versions:

  • Fixie F: single speed, fixed rear hub, with caliper brake on the front wheel
  • Fixie T: single speed, with Torpedo (back pedal) brake on the rear wheel, and caliper brake in front
  • Fixie S: single speed, free rear hub, caliper brakes on both wheels
  • Fixie R: with up to 8 gears, caliper brakes on both wheels.

When you order, please specify which model you want: Fxie F-T-S are all at the same price 769$.

It is a strong yet very light weight, comfortable bike. You will be envied and admired wherever you go.

Length 170cm - Width 18cm - Height 104cm - Weight 8-11kg


All components are aluminum. 

*3-year warranty on bamboo parts (excluding bamboo front basket)