To mobilize local resources in targeted communities. Building capacity, to add value to the local resources for economic and social useful outcomes

The Beyond Aid Projects seeks to make a positive contribution toward the role of natural resources such as bamboo in socio economic development and employment creation whiles also safe guarding natural recourses through replanting or the afforestation program

The Beyond Aid Project takes Beneficiaries through bamboo harvesting, craft making and replanting of bamboos as well.

In rural areas of Ghana like Amanfro II a small community in the Agona East District of the Central Region, lack of employment opportunities to exacerbate the plight of young people, women particularly. Yet there are untapped resources that abound in such areas that can help alleviate poverty.

The bamboo plant is one such natural resource that has become a lifetime for some young people in that community. With support from the Beyond Aid Project with funding from Center for Development Partners, these young women have been enabled to produce and market beautiful products from bamboo. The producers of these products are aged between 16 and 28 years with 90% of them having Basic Education.



·       Identify the resource in a given area

·       Develop human resource capacity to add value to the resource

·       Establish viable bamboo plantations and promote the sustainable use of bamboo

·       Establish craft villages

·       Conduct training workshops in craft making

·       Guarantee incomes through buy-back of products from those we train



  • Planting of bamboo for use in production. Fifty thousand seedlings are available for planting and for sale.
  • Planting and management of bamboo stands We also plan to harvest some bamboo shoots this year for sale to local restaurants
  • Training of women in bamboo craft.
  • Marketing and sales of products made out of bamboo by beneficiaries

        Based in Ghana

        Based in Ghana