Bundle of 4 Charcoal Bamboo Face Towels

Bundle of 4 Charcoal Bamboo Face Towels

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The combination of organic bamboo with bamboo charcoal results in these amazing charcoal bamboo face towels (washcloths). You get the softness of the natural bamboo fibers plus the benefits of the bamboo charcoal.

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Bundle of 4 Charcoal Bamboo Face Towels

These face towels are super absorbent, mold resistant and lusciously soft on your skin. Even the most sensitive skin will be soothed by the healing properties of these charcoal bamboo face towels.

Enhanced by the properties of charcoal bamboo, these charcoal bamboo face towels bring bathing to another level. No dye was used in the fabrication of these washcloths. The deep charcoal grey color come from the blend of viscose from organic bamboo and tiny particles of charcoal bamboo.

Bamboo charcoal face towel set includes:

1 bundle of 4 standard sized face towels; each 28 x 33 cm (11 x 13 in)

Materials used to make these towels:

100% viscose from organically grown bamboo and bamboo charcoal at 600gr sq/meter (gsm)