Sushi Mats or Makisu are traditionally made with thin strips of Bamboo. The technique of rolling rice with fish dates back to 500 B.C. It was perfected in the seventeenth century in, what is now, Tokyo

Bamboo Sushi Mat L*WW: 24*24CM

Bamboo Sushi Mat L*WW: 24*24CM


Usually the mats are 24 cm x 24 cm or approximately (9.5 x 9.5 inches), which leaves a little space on each side of the roll. The process of rolling is quite simple.


Rolling Sushi with a Bamboo Mat


5 Quick Easy Steps

1.     Lay the Nori on the mat, shine down.

2.     Add a layer of rice and leave ¼ empty

3.     Then add the negitoro (Your Preference)

4.     Begin rolling the sushi being careful not to roll the mat.

5.     Once rolled use a sushi knife and cut into 8 segments.


Cleaning the mat

Bamboo Sushi Mats can be cleaned with a hot water and vinegar solution. This will kill any germs and protect the bamboo mats. If you are interested in getting serious about sushi, below are a few books that can be helpful.

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