Bamboo Street SUP

Bamboo Street SUP

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Innovative Design - The Bamboo Street SUP is Handmade with "Iron Bamboo" and Built to Perform. Customizable to Your Style. Buy Online Now! 

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Stick It - Bamboo Street SUP

"Like Stand Up Paddleboarding, but on land."  Street SUPping is a great form of exercise and transportation. The paddle stroke is more efficient than a kick, and one can cover 3 or 4 times as much distance using the same output of energy. 

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Spacers & Fasteners

Made with custom 5 degree truck spacers with native & exotic woods (i.e. Oak, Cherry, Redwood, Mahogany) All fasteners are rust-proof stainless steel. 


Skateboard bearings

ABEC 9 -rated (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) precision bearings.