Bamboo Straws Worldwide is an earth-minded lifestyle store focused on a conscious way of living. We send good vibes and nature-inspired products to you from the Equator!

This shop was dreamed up by Mel (a.k.a. @bamboostrawgirl) in December of 2014, in the middle of a shampoo-less shower (yes, ACV rinse too!) around the time that she started trying to live more sustainably by looking for earth-friendly alternatives to chemical products and plastics.

It was the beginning of a #zerowaste, #plasticfree journey, and we're still striving for that ideal!

As we started to surround ourselves with more wholesome and natural materials and rid our lives of nasty plastic and chemicals, one thing stood out - the naughty little plastic straw. They're everywhere and they're horrible! 

Bamboo Straws Worldwide was started with just one product - our reusable bamboo drinking straws. Soon, we added our Wabi Sabi bamboo cups and Strawkeepers. To date, we have shipped to almost 30 countries worldwide. Lots of surprise products are added every now and then, as inspiration strikes.


Our bamboo straws are handmade from whole bamboo. No other materials are added or used during their creation. Used and reused with care, a single bamboo straw can last for months on end and can replace up to 400 plastic straws! When you do decide to replace your bamboo straw, they are biodegradable and compostable - they even make great starters for campfires or barbeques! Bamboo straws are earth-loving and very kid-friendly - perfect for smoothies, juices and even hot beverages! Drinking from a wholly natural straw is a connection to nature that is hard to come by, and a little meditation on a conscious way of living. Make the change to bamboo and never feel guilt over a nasty plastic straw ever again!

The only 100% natural alternative to plastic straws - let's save our world one bamboo straw at a time! We ship worldwide!


Bamboo Straws Worldwide's alternative straws are the only 100% from-nature option in reusable drinking straws. Bamboo is one of the Earth's fastest growing plants, which make bamboo straws the most sustainable and zero-waste alternative to the billions of plastic straws that are used and discarded every day.

Reusable bamboo drinking straws are the only 100% natural option in alternatives to nasty plastic. They are totally from-earth and reusable hundreds or even thousands of times over! They are suitable for cold drinks or hot beverages, and extremely kid-friendly! Choosing to drink from a bamboo straw is a little meditation on our connection to earth.

    Based in Singapore

    Based in Singapore