Bamboo Square Tail Cruiser

Bamboo Square Tail Cruiser

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Bamboo Square Tail Cruiser/Deck

Material: Bamboo
Ply: 7
Length: 28″ x 8.25″
Wheel Base: 14″
Type: Cruiser

Material: Bamboo
Ply: 8
Length: 28″ x 8″
Type: Top Mount Cruiser
Trucks: 5.0 Standard Trucks
Wheels: 63mm 80A Cruiser Wheels
Bearings: ABEC 9 Bearings w/ Spacers
Hardware: 1.5″ Skateboard Hardware
Riser Pad: .5″ Riser Pad
Grip Tape: Black Super Grip Tape

Custom Printing

Funbox Skateboard distribution offers OEM Skateboards, Longboards , Wheels and more. If you own a skateshop, brand, and your looking to get custom products made feel free to Contact Us for a quote. We have over 20 years in the business and have all the resources to customize almost any skateboard related goods. We produce decks and wheels for many of the top brands and skateshops with high quality wood and urethane and a state of the art heat transfer process.

We also have the ability to print one off decks with a minimal additional cost. Below are some examples of custom printed boards we have done. Some use our proprietary anti slip process or we can always apply the print under clear grip tape if you want to go the traditional route.