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ForeverWood is a non-aqueous, environmentally friendly, one time-lifetime, wood treatment solution for dry, wet or green wood media. 

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Lifetime Wood Treatment Solution

ForeverWood is a wood stabilizing penetrant, not a coating, designed to waterproof the wood from the inside out.  Application of this dynamic product triggers the early stages of wood petrifaction, stopping expansion and contraction of the wood, thereby eliminating splitting, checking, cupping and fastener rejection, leaving behind wood surfaces that are safe for kids and pets, surfaces that paints and stains will adhere to perpetually. ForeverWood comes ready to use, do not dilute.

ForeverWood is a natural, solvent - silane - cold pressed neem oil treatment, a non-aqueous penetrant that removes moisture from wood. Eliminate expansion and contraction that causes wood to warp, cup and split. Get long lasting water, insect and decay wood protection with ForeverWood.

Eco Friendly Wood Deck Penetrant-Stabilizer

Protect your investment with long lasting and natural wood treatment protection. Discover ForeverWood, a breakthrough in wood treatment technology. Finally a 100% natural wood treatment product perfect for use in the construction of raised gardening beds. If you’re looking for a wood treatment alternative for the deck or garden, natural ForeverWood is an excellent exterior wood sealer and eco friendly wood deck sealant and wood waterproofer! Perfect for deck, dock, fence, barn or log cabin. Use this product to wood treat utility poles, pilings and fence posts too. Use ForeverWood for exterior or interior wood sealing projects. ForeverWood is a superior exterior wood primer and pre-stain wood conditioner!

A Water Scavenger, Not a Coating Product

Before You Paint or Stain, waterproof the wood from the inside out. Our environmentally friendly natural wood treatment products combine water scavenging penetrants that stabilize the wood forever with an natural termiticide, mildicide and waterproofer all in one treatment.

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