Bamboo has been a passion of mine for most of my life. Having been born in India I feel that the tropical essence of bamboo has been written in me since birth. It’s beauty, strength, and flexibility are guides to love and live by and I am always in awe of its versatility. From flooring to medicine bamboo’s uses are as diverse as it’s look. From giant timber bamboos to vine like creepers this plant is a true beauty with great function at its core.

I came to Florida to work for Imagineering on the Animal Kingdom project as an ornamental grass and bamboo specialist and never left. The tropical beauty of Florida was too much to leave and I decided to start my own bamboo farm just down the road from Disney. I have been growing and living with bamboo in Orlando since 1998, and while I love the beauty of the plant in the landscape I have been fascinated by the possibilities of functional uses.

Having studied architecture in college I immediately gravitated to the many aspects of building with bamboo. Architects like Oscar Hidalgo and Simon Velez had been doing amazing projects with bamboo and again I was in awe of the versatility of the plant and creativity of these artists. I also started to study the lesser known uses of bamboo such as food, medicine, beer, charcoal, and tea. As I gravitated to the finer details of the plant I started to develop my own version of Bamboo Leaf Tea which my family and I have been enjoying for 10 years now.

Bamboo Leaf Tea is not a new idea but a very old one. Its roots take me back again to India and other parts of Asia where it has been used for centuries for both rituals and healing. I love the abundance of picking bamboo leaves and the smell of making the tea always roots me in my connection with the earth and its bounty. I hope too that you enjoy my tea as much as I do and that it brings the essence of bamboo into your day where ever you are.

Company donates 1% to environmental projects


Sustainability and the environment are important to me. Growing bamboo helps the environment by giving off as much as 35% more oxygen than trees.  Bamboo does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow abundantly just water.  It is important to not stress our water supply through irrigation of plants so I irrigate from rain water collected in ponds.  Most of my bamboos don’t require any watering at all due to the natural moisture content of the ground.  Grasses are amazing plants in that they feed themselves. They produce a root system equal or greater than what shows above ground.  This root system grows and eventually dies and composts leaving a rich food for the new growth to feed upon.  Bamboo sheds at least 50% of its leaves every year which also feeds the plant.  So overtime the bamboo creates its own perfect environment.

As Bamboo Leaf Tea grows I try to look at each component and consider all of the options such as packaging that contains recycled materials.  I try to choose what is least destructive for our world. I hope that you enjoy the greenness of the tea in color, scent, and taste and know that I am doing my best to bring it to you in the most environmentally way that I can.

Bamboo Leaf Tea is made from 100% bamboo leaves grown and processed by hand in sunny Florida without the use of any chemicals. Bamboo Leaf Tea has a wonderful sweet, green flavor that aids and balances both mind and body.  We grow our plants with the utmost care and attention to nutritional value and sustainable agriculture. Bamboo has the highest amount of vegetative silica of any plant.  Ten times the amount of horsetail or nettles.  It is what allows bamboo to grow so fast and strong and yet remain flexible.  The tea also contains soluble fiber and is rich in antioxidants.  


  • promotes hair growth and nail strength
  • building block of collagen – rejuvenates the skin
  • essential for bone growth and strength, has been shown to increase bone density
  • aids the body in eliminating aluminum
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • supports white blood cell function
  • re-mineralizes and strengthens teeth and gums

Soluble Fiber

  • helps to regulate blood sugar
  • shown to lower LDL cholesterol
  • eases cravings and aids in weight loss
  • effective for IBS, ulcers, and other digestive issues

We have heard many wonderful stories of increased health and wellness due to our teas and supplements and invite you to tell us your story.  From our farm to your home we wish you the very best on your journey.

Shipping charges are a flat rate.

  • US – $4.00
  • Canada and Mexico – $10.00
  • International – $15.00

      Based in the US

      Based in the US