Planting Bamboo

How Many Plants per Acre?

You must plan for irrigation! At least for the first two years. The more you irrigate, the faster the bamboo establishes. Bamboo needs good drainage and ample water. At least an inch a week during the season when deciduous trees have leaves. Moso in particular thrives on summer water. It does not like saturated soil in winter. Fewer plants and more irrigation is better than more plants and rain only. New plants need daily watering; better with twice a day if the weather is hot. After three weeks, schedule can cut back to once or several times a week.

How Far Apart Should One Cane be from Another? 

Care of Bamboo

Once bamboo shoot harvest season is over, it is time to thin excess poles from the grove. Some years, I spread straw. It keeps moisture in the ground. It suppresses weeds. It looks great. As it breaks down, it benefits the bamboo. I don't spread every year.

Technical Info

The article is found on National Bamboo Mission (India) web site (  ) Mr. E. M. Muralidharan is one of the writers of the document.

Daphne Lewis has a wonderful website with much more information. Please visit her site Bamboo Farming USA