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Bamboo Bicycle Facts

Bamboo Bikes are not as easy to build as one may think. The average Bamboo Bike takes between 40 to 45 hrs. There are many reasons for this. One reason is the each pieces of the Bamboo Bike needs to be joined together. These joints are mended together with several types of fiber. Abaca fiber & Carbon Fiber are the most widely used, either alone or together. The overall strength of the Bamboo Bike is determined not as much from the Bamboo as from the quality of the joints. So each joint needs to be custom made and done correctly otherwise it will not pass the strength testing. Creating a Bamboo Bike is an art and when done correctly can provide an amazing final product. So keep in mind, when you see the price of these Bamboo Bikes, that the reason they are sometimes pricey, is because they take a lot of effort and time to make them safe and strong.

Bamboo Bikes are Amazing and here is why....

Bamboo Bike Builders

Strength Testing

Bamboo Bike Builder

Using a jig to make a Bamboo Bike is a necessity. Each piece of the frame is custom fit first and then begins the process of wrapping the joints.

Once the Bamboo Bike is completed they are tested using a machine like this one.

Bamboo Bike Build Process

This is the process of making a Bamboo Bike. As you can see there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make a perfect product. The components that you choose to go with your Bamboo Bike would be the same as it would be a regular bike. The more expensive your components obviously the better performing Bamboo Bike you will ultimately have. We also sell Bamboo Bike Frames which you could custom build to the specs of your choice. There are even many companies that make electric motors you can purchase and use on your Bamboo Bike.


Bamboo Bike Accessories

These are some cool Bamboo products made of Bamboo. Bamboo Helmets, Bamboo Bike Stands, Bamboo Rims and Bamboo Water Bottle Holders.

Bamboo Rim Mountain Bike - Tubular
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This Bamboo Tubular rim is suitable for mountain bike light usage & for off road but not for big mechanical stress and competition.

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Bamboo 28” Wheel Bike Stand
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