Dragonfly Bamboo is a New York State Benefit Corporation which was created to bring you the coolest, most sustainable Bamboo products you have ever seen! Many of the Bamboo products you see for sale are old designs or overpriced, leaving a big gap in the market. Dragonfly Bamboo is filling that gap and we are dedicated to bringing you Bamboo Furniture and Bamboo Products, at a reasonable price, with minimal manufacturing and 2017 designs. We can do this because we work directly with factories in Vietnam and the Philippines. We have also partnered with several companies whose goals are the same.

Dragonfly Bamboo products are natural bamboo, that has not been over manufactured or refined, and will have the least amount of impact on the environment. We strive to provide the highest level of sustainability with our products. The longer the manufacturing process and depending on what other materials or products were used for the construction,  will lessen the final products sustainability factor.

The products we make, have minimal refining and manufacturing. Saws, drills, sanders, drying units, mostly simple tools and a lot of hands! We like simple......our bamboo is sealed with all natural sealers. Linseed OilTung Oil, and ForeverWood. We give a 15 year warranty on all of our Bamboo Furniture. 

Dragonfly Bamboo....We're on a Mission



The Bammock style seats are truly the most comfortable bamboo chair you will ever sit in. Contours to your body with its unique design. The Bammock seats are strung with high grade Manila Hemp Rope from the Philippines, for long lasting strength.

the bammock

These hammocks are hand made in Vietnam and designed by Mabuhay Designs. The creative design forms to your body for a comfortable fit. The Bammock is strung with high grade Manila Hemp Rope from the Philippines, for long lasting strength.


foldable design

A unique design concept, the Folding Adirondack Chair is ideally suited for transporting. It is handmade, portable, and very comfortable. These chairs are handcrafted in Vietnam.